This album came from the idea that there needed to be more melody in my music but still have an edge when it was playing out the listeners speakers. 90s gangsta rap came to mind when I thought about the two elements mentioned. So with this in mind I began to think of the title first then began searching for beats that match what would be my interpretation of the era. Groups like NWA, Wu Tang, and Bone Thugs inspired me along with record companies such as Psychopathic and LSP, I created a set of songs that mash all of these elements together yet having a positive and life changing message to them. I wanted this to be a project with guests who have been long time favorites of mine and I was able to acquire the help of Legends in their own genre. Jeremiah Dirt from the great Shadow Of The Locust crew out of California helped with artwork, mastering and lent a verse to a track. MP Ancient formerly known as Motion Plus and former Syntax Records signee lent his talent to this project. This dude flexed his verbal muscles on a track which I am super proud of. Sam Ox also of the SoTL crew torn up a verse for this album. I also had a couple of other guests that blessed the CD like Hulk DMI a skilled lyrical monster out of Houston TX, WiGSPLiT the Clown gave his Austin Juggalo views and Pastor J my very own brother added some high quality soulful sounds to this project making a diverse pallette of music. The topics range from spiritual praises to thanking God that I still have life to hell's fire to wanting to life a long healthy happy life. This is a testimonial of the last 4 years out of my life and I hope you will enjoy Gospel Gun to its fullest.


released March 2, 2017

all production was done by Xtreme Sounds Productions. Mastering was done by J. Dirt courtesy of SOTL
Additional lyrics and melody by J. Dirt. MP Ancient. Hulk DMI. Sam Ox (SOTL). Wigsplit the Clown courtesy of SAPU music. Gifted 39. Pastor J courtesy of The Door CFM.
All Praises go to Jehovah!!



all rights reserved


The XSP: Xtreme Street Preacher Texas

I rep Christ in my music. I try to be relevant to the youth of the world with Lyrics that touch on issues most Christian MC's dont touch on. I bring a diverse musical palette with a message of hope change and love with the power of God. My aim is to inspire and change lives with my life and my music. I aim to be transparent so that you can see that i struggle also but my Life is with Christ. ... more

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